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The future of the Lemon Token ($LMN)

Governance has become one of the most interesting topics in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) thanks to the issuance of a number of governance tokens in some of the largest DeFi projects. At Lemon Network Group we continue to innovate in order to bring more and more value to the Lemon ecosystem.

For this reason, we are announcing that LMN investors will have a greater decision-making power within the project thanks to the LMN becoming a governance token in order to give the community the strength it deserves.

What does it mean that the $LMN is a governance token?

That investors will use it to govern operations and influence the direction of the project. This will allow your opinions to be heard.

Through this token, investors can propose changes through a formal submission process. This aims at decision-making and encourages active participation in the ecosystem. Likewise, LMN will facilitate access to exclusive services and products such as events organized in the metaverse with proposals and news, access to Beta versions of the different platforms, decide which new products or features should be developed, as well as which integrations or partnerships should be achieved, i.e. it provides the empowerment of the community to make relevant decisions.

In addition, on the Lemonade platform, Lemon rulers will be able to obtain exclusive rewards issued for the profitability of the DEX through their governance token.

The Lemon Network ecosystem is a long-term project, many changes and technological adaptations will arise, with the creation of the governance token it is intended that the direction of the project will be between the founding partners, the team and the community of investors.

new version of the whitepaper will be released in the coming days with detailed information about the Lemon ecosystem and a redistribution of the token’s Tokenomics in which the community is expected to have a greater percentage of the token, allowing them a greater decision-making weight in the project over time.

Governance tokens are undoubtedly a pillar and an essential component in the proliferation and adoption of decentralized networks and the value of user ownership.

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