Migration in progress...

Lemonade DEX was shut down on 16 August to facilitate the migration of the platform to Moonbeam's network, Polkadot.

The launch date of the new DEX will be announced shortly.

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FAQ 's

What’s going to happen after the DEX closure?

The next phase is the migration of all LMN tokens, which is scheduled to take place at the end of September, for which users will have 15 days from the estimated date.

Holders of the one-year Vault will automatically receive their tokens in their wallet with the corresponding total return after the LMN migration in $LEMON (Moonbeam). In other words, users will receive the calculated return until January 31, 2023.

There is no definite date for the release of the new DEX yet, we are in the process of migration and development so we will announce the concrete date in the coming weeks.

What can you do with LMN tokens?

At the moment you should do nothing but leave them in your wallet. Soon we will announce the sale of the $LEMON token on the website and we will also publish the contract for this new token.

When will the LMN migration take place?

We almost have all the strategy settled up for the migration process and we thank you for your patience. Soon we’ll be making public how it will be carried out and the execution date.

Do you have any questions? Join discord and ask our support team https://discord.gg/ztxvVhdgTb