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LEMONNET, the hybrid evolution of social networks

Currently, social networks, or also called web2 social networks are hyper-centralized. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok or Youtube are the private companies controlling the content, user activity and data.

This fact has allowed these companies to have a monopoly on social networks, obtaining economic benefits from all the posts generated by their own community.

However, technology, the market and user needs are changing. This is a new era in which we will move from web2 to web3 social networking platforms. LEMONNET is a clear example of transformation, we are working on a totally disruptive platform with a web5 ecosystem.

With this evolution we aim to unite the best of web2 + the most innovative of web3 to offer the user a unique, rewarding and monetizable experience through social tokens, NFTs and user interaction.

All this, in an ecosystem with actions promoted by social gamification where sharing content becomes Share and Earn.

On LEMONNET you are the owner of your data, your content and your finances. This is how you retake total control and command of your SocialFi.

Opportunities to offer by LEMONNET Social Network 💚

Content Posting

There are platforms that only allow users to earn from the sale of their content in the form of NFT, others where it is the platform itself that rewards for content creation. In this way, we can get many different business models to reward the user.

However, on LEMONNET it is the community itself that decides how much your content is worth through likes, the more likes you receive the more tokens you earn.

On LEMONNET users will earn money with their content whatever it is, from the first post.

Content Monetization

LEMONNET will offer you different levels of Smart Contracts to post and monetize content. These levels will range from a first level that will be completely free to paid levels. Depending on each level, users will earn more or less royalties for their content. Paid levels can be paid with the platform’s native token or with $LMN.

Also, you will be able to convert your content into an NFT which makes it unique, finite and valuable content. Get more out of these NFTs by exchanging them on Lemonade’s marketplace.

Native Token

The LEMONNET platform will have a native token allowing you to operate within the platform to perform different actions such as: access premium services, pay for publication ranks, exchange them for other tokens, improve your profile, etc.

Censorship and freedom of speech

In our ecosystem’s social network, users have the power to propose, vote and censor content or to veto users who violate community standards. It is not the company that unilaterally restricts content.

With this system we want to empower the LMN community into the governance of the project which will be managed through a DAO with the $LMN token as the governance token.

Brand Advertisements

In LEMONNET it is the users who choose which ads they are interested to watch and they will receive rewards for it.

With this functionality we propose to change the centralized advertising system, creating a win-to-win system where brands reach users who are truly engaged with them and on the other hand, users benefit from a model that compensates them through different benefits.

Ads on Lemonnet will be available only to those users who view ads on a voluntary or authorized basis, they will also receive remuneration in tokens.

Economy Democratization

All platform users will have equal opportunities to generate returns on LEMONNET. With the LEMON Protocol they will be able to recharge or earn new Likes to distribute them among the content they like the most, as well users will be able to sell content as NFT in the marketplace.

User Authentication

We are working with a partner to allow the integration of digital identification through decentralized authentication systems and verification controls to avoid multi-accounts, this will help to give more value to each user of the network. There will be different levels of verification so that everyone can access and post, however, the level of verification can limit or extend its functionalities.

Integration within the LMN ecosystem

Users will be able to interoperate between the different Lemon Network platforms: Lemonade, Lemonplace, Lemon Academy and all those that arise from the evolution of our ecosystem.


On LEMONNET we will have several types of users, from those who are only participants of the community to those who are more linked becoming Lemontree, Lemonencer or any other that arises with the growth of the community.

Get ready to become one of the early adopters of the LEMON community and get many more benefits on the social network.


LMN NFTs allow their holders to enjoy benefits on the Lemonnet platform, in the Lemon metaverse and throughout the Lemon Network ecosystem.

On July 1st begins the campaign to publicize the NFTs and attract users to the whitelist of the Beta version of LEMONNET.

LMN Metaverse

One of the milestones in Lemon Network’s long-term RoadMap is to create its own space in the Metaverse to promote a more social ecosystem, where people will be able to interact with the ecosystem, the Lemon Network team, Lemonnet users.

Interaction on the platform

Lemmonet will allow interaction between users to create a more active and loyal community, promoting social activity and gamification among all members of the social network.

Lemonnet Growth

The launch of the BETA version of LEMONNET is scheduled for the first half of 2023, with a public release approximately two months later. This Beta version will be available only to 10,000 users, most of which will come from the Gold NFT holders that will be launched in September, find out about the campaign here and stay updated on Discord to be among the first to get your NFT.

Our goal is to reach in the first months a volume of 250,000 users with a significant growth until 2024 reaching approximately 4,000,000 users.

The growth forecasts in the years after the launch are expected to be exponential, supported by the different actions that we have planned and that we will inform the community.

We are moving forward!

🍋 We are moving forward!
🍋 Access your SEED LMN and be part of LEMONNET 🍋

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