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The Lemon Network ecosystem continues to grow to facilitate mass adoption of the crypto world and the $LEMON token. Holders of this token will have great performance and decision value throughout the project.

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Why buy $LEMON?

The Lemon Network governance token

Lemon ($LEMON) is the governance token of our ecosystem, the goal is for it to be considered a solid, secure cryptoasset of considerable value with growth potential thanks to its reduced total supply of 50 million.

It is created on Moonbeam, a parachain of the Polkadot network.


It is the governance token of the entire ecosystem in which you can participate through the LEMON DAO.

Total Supply Reduced

The total supply of $LEMON is 50 million tokens.

$LEMON Moonbeam

LEMON is the new version of the $LMN token after the migration from EWT to Moonbeam.

Ecosystem token

It's an interoperable token across all platforms in the ecosystem.

Smart Contract

Verify your smart contract on Moonbeam 0x8F4DbDF6FDdc1c4013b2932c814Fa5dd0003443A


Lemon is an ERC-20 token.