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How to display the LMN SEED NFT in your wallet?

First of all, you have to take into account that to visualize the Seed in your wallet you must do it through your Smartphone. Metamask on the PC does not allow you to visualize NFTs.

Step-by-step guide to display the SEED NFT in your MetaMask wallet:

1. Install MetaMask wallet app on your phone.

2. Import to MetaMask app the wallet you have claimed your Seed.

3. Add Moonbeam network using the MetaMask app explorer that you’ll find inside the app, copy and paste the following Link:

4. Once the Moonbeam network is added, go back to the wallet and click on the NFT tab.

5. Add the NFT contract address 0x0fD513C572BBCE9F192A780Ebc0A9594B3816521 and your Seed ID.

How to get your Seed’s ID?

1. Go to

2. Write your wallet and click on search.

3. Click on ERC721 Token Txns.

4. Look for the Token ID row, there you will find your Txn number.

If you do not see any Txn, the seed has not arrived yet. The seeds started to be sent on July 1st and it may take a few days to get to you.

Remember that you will only receive one seed per wallet.

Claim your LMN SEED now and start being part of the social media revolution.

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